How Bombay Shaving Company Leveraged Gamification to Engage Customers and Capture Leads


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Ahoy there, matey! Bombay Shaving Company, the cool cats of the grooming industry, were facing a challenge to engage with their audience and capture leads. So, they decided to take a plunge and try out a quirky approach - Gamification.


B.S.C (as the cool kids call it) wanted to stand out from the crowd and engage with their customers in a fun way. They wanted to create a unique customer journey that would not only entertain but also capture leads.

What They Did:

B.S.C hosted a "Play & Win" page on their website, where users could participate in four different leaderboard games. The rules were simple: the top five players in each game would receive a reward!

To make things even more interesting, they added a WhatsApp share button, where users could challenge and invite their friends to join the contest. By sharing the link, users could earn bonus points to improve their ranking on the leaderboard. The result? A steady flow of traffic from the WhatsApp shares, and more engagement from their audience.

But wait, there's more! BSC added a nudge on their website - a widget animation that popped up once for new users with a click-through rate of approximately 11%. They also hosted a personalized tic tac toe game that replaced X and O's with their bestsellers - a perfect way to showcase their products while keeping it fun and interactive!

Nudge on website


BSC's gamification strategy was a huge success. They were able to capture more than 41,000 leads, which is impressive, to say the least!


So, what did we learn from BSC's quirky case of using gamification to engage customers and capture leads? Well, sometimes, the best way to stand out is to be a little different and add a touch of fun to your customer journey. Say hello to a new era of customer engagement, where fun and business go hand in hand.

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