MCaffeine’s Gamified Product Launch "Pre-Buzz" to boost lead gen via Mystery Hunt

MCaffeine’s Gamified Product Launch "Pre-Buzz" to boost lead gen via  Mystery Hunt


Caffeinated brand for personal care

Use Case

Creating product launch Prebuzz to capture more Leads


Shopify Plus, Clevertap

I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed with their team and the results they delivered. From the start, the team was incredibly responsive and proactive in understanding my needs and developing a customized solution to meet my goals. One aspect that really stood out to me was the team's commitment to ensuring our success. They went above and beyond to provide insights and recommendations on how to improve our metrics and drive results. And the results were outstanding!

Nayan Gupta

Retention Manager

About MCaffeine

Mcaffeine is a leading personal care brand in India, offering a range of caffeinated products specifically designed for young and aspiring millennials. As a 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand, they have received Peta certification and are dedicated to providing high-quality, sustainable products.


With the launch of India's First powdered Sunscreen, Mcaffeine sought to engage with their audience and generate leads through an exciting product launch campaign.

Lets see if you can Guess ? 🧐


  • Stand-out from the competition : With every brand launching new product every now & the, Mcaffeine wanted to stand out from others and wanted to engage with their audience in such a way that will make them remember the brand
  • Capture More Leads
  • Customer Engagement


Mcaffeine launched a trend on their website two days before the product launch and encouraged their audience to guess the new product. This engagement campaign turned out to be a huge success, with 12,000 submissions from their customers. On the day of the launch, 20% of the customers who participated in the product hunt purchased the product.

Mcaffeine Website Banner

Mcaffeine has a big community connected on instagram with more than 440K+ followers, they decided to leverage their social community and direct some traffic to their website!  Hence they also put up some ads on social media and link in their Instagram page to attract more audience with gamification as a hook!


👉 Leads Captured: 12000

👉 Conversion rate from these: 20%

👉 2+ times visit on Site in 30 days: 65%

👉 Increment in Form completion rate: 300%

65% of the 12,000 participants visited Mcaffeine's site more than two times in the following 30 days. This lead generation campaign proved to be one of the most effective strategies for Mcaffeine and helped drive significant growth for the brand.


By engaging with their audience and building excitement through a product launch campaign, Mcaffeine was able to successfully generate leads & drive growth for their brand. This case study demonstrates the power of creative marketing strategies and the impact they can have on a business's success.

Pre-buzz around Product Launch

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